False River Academy is proud to lead the way in Pointe Coupee Parish by offering several online electives.

Web-based High School Electives through eDynamic Learning

Click on each course in maroon below for a syllabus.

1 Credit Courses (5)

010301 Agriscience - 1 credit  (2 Courses- Introduction to Agriscience & Principles of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources)

220601 Sociology- 1 credit  (2 Courses- Sociology I: The Study of Human Relationships & Sociology II: Your Social Life)

222001 Psychology- 1 credit (2 Courses- Personal Psychology I: Road to Self-Discovery & Personal Psychology II: Living in a Complex World)

155050 Forensic Science- 1 credit  (2 Courses- Forensic Science I: Secrets of the Dead Forensic Science II: More Secrets)

090611 Health Science- 1 credit (2 Courses- Health Science I: The Whole Individual & Health Science II: Patient Care and Medical Services)


.5 Credit Courses (9)

010356 Biotechnology: Unlocking Nature's Secrets- .5 credit

010390 Veterinary Science: The Care of Animals- .5 credit

140200 Astronomy: Exploring the Universe- .5 credit

080110 Concepts of Engineering and Technology- .5 credit

030501 Art in World Cultures- .5 credit

080660 International Business: Global Commerce in the 21st Century- .5 credit

041060 Sports and Entertainment Marketing- .5 credit

030330 Music Appreciation: The Enjoyment of Listening- .5 credit

080630 Personal and Family Finance- .5 credit

*music and art combination for 1 credit