FRA Teacher Wins Technology Award

FRA 5th-6th grade math and social science teacher, Priscilla Owens, was named the LACUE Middle School Educator of the Year for Region 2! The purpose of LACUE, the Louisiana Association of Computer Using Educators, is to provide a professional nonprofit organization in the state of Louisiana which recognizes and promotes the use of computers in education.

Priscilla has been a teacher or school librarian for a total of eighteen years; 13 years at False River Academy and 5 years at Rougon Elementary. She is a member of numerous professional organizations in addition to LACUE, including: National Science Teachers Association, National Council of Teacher of Mathematics, and the Association for Library Services to Children. Priscilla was Pointe Coupee Parish's Elementary Teacher of the Year in 2010. Priscilla received her Bachelor of Arts in elementary education (grades 1-8), a Master of Education in Administration and Supervision, a Master's +30, and additional certifications in computer literacy and library science from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

By incorporating technology in the classroom, research has proven that students become more creative and active learners. Some of the technology projects Priscilla has used with her students include: creating graphs to display results for their science fair projects, comparing and contrasting different perspectives on national and international events of the past and present through the use of primary and secondary sources, examining the five core concepts of media literacy in print and online advertisements, frog dissection, map skills with Google Earth, and learning about agriculture and food sustainability with the program Journey 2050.

Priscilla was recognized for her achievements at the LACUE conference in November in New Orleans.


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