2nd 9-Weeks Honor Roll

In keeping with False River Academy’s commitment to academic excellence, Principal, Ashley Allen, and Assistant Principal, Kristen Graffeo, are proud to announce the honor roll for the second nine weeks of the 2017-2018 school year.

Third Grade - (A’s & B’s) Chase Bonaventure, Ramie Gardenhire, Emma Guarisco, Addi Joffrion, and Leo Lin

Fourth Grade - (All A’s) Carleigh Gauthier; (A’s & B’s) Brylee Armond, Chase Dauthier, Preston Guillory, Maci Martin, and Adelynn Smith

Fifth Grade- (All A’s) Matthew Graffeo; (All A’s & B’s) Audrey Rice, Canaan Rice, and Isabelle Weston

Sixth Grade- (All A’s) Averie Neal, Adair Sadden, and Kinsley Seneca; (All A’s & B’s) Kinsey Arnaud, Baylie Fabre, Tony Gunnells, Kai Harrison, Ainzley McNaughten, and Hannah Schexnaildre

Seventh Grade- (All A’s & B’s) Benjamin Ewing, Kayden Langlois, and Skyler Sadden

Eighth Grade- (All A’s & B’s) Madisen Fabre

Ninth Grade- (All A’s) Jordan Dauthier, Alexis Joffrion, and Samantha Ramshur; (All A’s & B’s) Taylor Bonaventure, Baylee Duval, Timothy Ryland Ewing, Marlee Martin, Jenna Parks, Emma Patin, Hailey Reed, and Hailey Sparks

Tenth Grade- (All A’s) Claire Couch; (All A’s & B’s) Katie Cannon, William Reece Picard, Nicole Seawell, and Macy Spears

Eleventh Grade- (All A’s) Tori Cormier, Kayla Dauthier, Jenna Guedry, Elexia Sellars, and Anna Teer; (All A’s & B’s) Camryn Akin, Jodi Boudreaux, Anna Campbell, Emma Jarreau, Nadia McElroy, Kayla Nolen, Blair Ortis, and Madison Rushing

Twelfth Grade- (All A’s) Jillian Chenevert, Katlyn Debetaz, Morgan Meche, and Cynthia Stoute;

(All A’s & B’s) Sarah Allen, Sydney Beauvais, Catherine Bonaventure, Katelyn Brooks, Claire Chenevert, Austin Francois, John Collin Guerin, Kathryn Langland, Maddison Laurent, Tori LeBlanc, Molly Leonards, William Montgomery, Seth Moore, Charlie Newchurch, Callie Nipple, Carley Parks, and Gabriel Rice

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