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FRA Board of Directors

The FRA School Board meetings are open to the public and are in compliance with Louisiana's open meeting laws. 

Meetings are held in the school cafeteria on the 2nd Thursday of every month at 6 PM.


Vice President


FRA Administration and Staff

Julie Gustin - Social Media/Tech Facilitator

Bernard Mayeux - Maintenance

FRA Faculty

Faculty emails are

Karlee Akin

Lexi Breaux

Kaki Campbell

Ashley Domingue

Savannah Dupont

Alice Fontenot 

Ashlyn Friddle 

Thomas Gaudet 

Tiffany Hathaway 

A’na Huckabaa

Anthony Hurst (Athletic Director)

Debbie Lacy 

Julie Langlois

Kaylin LeCoq

Cassie Leonard

Deborah Major

Samantha Major 

Debra Milligan 

Savannah Pearce 

Kayla Sproles 

Natalie Smith 

Abby Torres

Emily Torres

Brigitte Wilks 

Mary Wood 

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