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Parent Service Hours

Guidelines for service hours are detailed below. Click HERE for the Service Hour Form to submit.

All Amazon wish lists noted are eligible for service hours at 1 service hour per $15.00 of items plus shipping. Teacher Amazon lists can be found on the Supply Lists page.

General Service Hour Sign-ups

Athletics Service Hour Sign-ups


  1.  Twenty-five (25) service hours are required per family per school year.

  2. Service hours are any that directly benefit False River Academy.

  3. If a family chooses not to participate, there will be a financial obligation of $500.00 due and payable prior to the last day of the school year.  Parent Service Hour Forms are due on March 31st of each year.  If we do not receive your completed parent service hour form by March 31, 2025, and/or less than 25 hours of service are performed you will be billed for the unperformed service hours. NO EXCEPTIONS!

  4. Service hours may be completed by any non-student family member or designee.  Students cannot perform parent service hours.

  5. The service hour program runs from April 1 - March 31st. Parents can earn service hours for the 2023/2024 school year from April 1, 2024-March 31, 2025.

  6. Service hours may not be sold, transferred, or carried over to the following year.

  7. Service Hours will only be counted if submitted on the approved Service Hour Form via fax (225) 638-8555, by mail, by email (, or hand delivered to the Business Office (201 Major Parkway, New Roads, LA 70760) or sent to school with your child.  The form is on the website under the Parents tab. Please keep a copy for your own records.  If you send your form with your student, please know there is a risk that it may not reach the office.  Please note that sign-in sheets do not replace Parent Service Hour Forms.

  8. EXEMPTION: Due to the large number of volunteer hours worked by those serving in the following roles, they will not be required to list all Service Hours but must complete the Exemption section of the Service Hour Form and submit it to the Business Office before March 31st. (Exemptions apply to: School Board members, Gator Booster Club President and Vice President, PTA President, and Vice President, and volunteer athletic coaches)


Additional Rules and Regulations:

Chaperoning Elementary field trips does not count toward your service hour requirement. The only field trips that count toward service hours are the Jr. Beta & Beta Club Convention. These approved field trips have a MAXIMUM OF 10 HOURS that can count toward Parent Service Hours. In addition, only one family member may receive service hours for these particular field trips. Transporting your student to and from school activities will not count toward Parent Service Hours unless you have been asked by the school to be an official driver for students to a particular event.

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