Our Mission Statement: The staff of False River Academy is devoted to providing all student curricular experiences that are academically challenging and personally enriching, thereby enabling students to continue in their personal growth and self-improvement.

Happy Holidays

Santa Randi

Happy holidays from the faculty, staff, and students at False River Academy!

8th Grade Mathematics Map Scale Project

Garfield PookyStuffed Garfield

In Mrs. Ashley Allen's 8th math class, students participated in a culminating activity applying skills and concepts learned through their proportion unit. Students were given a small cartoon to divide into square centimeters. Depending on the length and height of the cartoon, students had to determine the layout of the larger scalings. The squared centimeter cartoons were scaled to both square inches and square feet. Students applied their knowledge of measurement, coordinate grids, area and surface area, proportions, and collaborative decision making. Studen...

Geometry Projects

Geom SwingsGeometry students recently demonstrated their understanding of the midsegment theorem in triangles by building swing sets.  The support bar in each swing set represented the midsegment of that triangle. They built the bar so that it would be parallel to the base and half of the base.  Being very precise in their measurements as well as creative, they did an excellent job!

FRA Elementary Volleyball Team Wraps Up Season

Elem VBStanding:Madisen Fabre (5th Grade), Mary Margaret Marquez (5th Grade), Alyse Roche (6th Grade), Hailey Reed (6th Grade), Jordan Dauthier (6th Grade), Grayce Aucoin (6th Grade), Jenna Parks (6th Grade) and Emma Patin (6th Grade). Middle Row:Savannah Lavergne (6th Grade), Alexis Joffrion (6th Grade), and Taylor Bonaventure (6th Grade). Kneeling:Ali Langlois (5th Grade), Alaina Davis (5th Grade) and Lexie LeBeau (5th Grade).

The 5th and 6th grade Lady Gators recently concluded their volleyball season.  The girls participated in the newly organized Pointe Coupee Parish Volleyball League in which FRA, Rosenwald Elementary, Rougon Elementary and Valver...

Booster Club Lottery

Weekly winners of the FRA Booster Club lottery will be posted below, so be sure to check back each week!

December: Danny Cline, Mark Wells

Recent Winners: Tina Boudreaux, Brian Diadem, Dr. Fulmer, Melodie Fairchild, Paul Perry, Ryan McDaniel, Jared Smith, Dr. Fulmer, John Cannon

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