Our Mission Statement: The staff of False River Academy is devoted to providing all student curricular experiences that are academically challenging and personally enriching, thereby enabling students to continue in their personal growth and self-improvement.

Academic Closing Ceremonies

Grades K-4:    8:15am in the gym on Friday, May 22nd
Grades 5-8:    9:00am in the gym on Tuesday, May 19th
Grades 9-12:  8:00am in the gym on Tuesday, May 12th


4-Her's Place in Achievement Day Theme Contest

Elem 4H Ach Day Theme

FRA 4-Her's Place in Dairy Poster Contests

Elem 4H Dairy7-8th 4H Dairy

5th & 6th Graders Have Fun with Geometry

5-6 Pi DayAs culminating activities for two recent units, the 5th and 6th graders had fun applying what they learned about geometry and measurement. In one activity, students used Hershey's Kisses to estimate and calculate the area of the wrapper as well as the height and circumference of the bottom of the Kiss. In another activity, 6th grade students celebrated Pi Day by creating their own "Circle Art" posters.

Geometry Class Celebrates Pi Day

Geom Pi DayOn March 16, the high school geometry classes celebrated Pi Day. The classes enjoyed different activities involving pi. The students discovered pi by finding the ratio of the circumference and diameter of various objects around the classroom. Two contests were held; one was to find Pi symbols hidden around the room. And the other contest was to memorize as many digits of Pi as possible. Rachael Rucker and Jake Bayham were the winners and won mini pies. The classes enjoyed doughnuts at the end of the celebration.

Spring Calendar Changes

Please note that we have two important changes to our spring calendar: 

  • The Standardized Testing week of March 30- April 2 has been moved to the week of April 27-May 1. Students in grades 2-7 will take the ITBS Assessment (Iowa Test of Basic Skills) and students in grades 8-10 will to the ACT Aspire Assessment (an ACT Aligned Predictor). More information will be sent home pertaining to each specific test at a later date.
  • We have scheduled a student contact make-up day on Monday, May 25; this is to account for our "snow day off" on Tuesday, February 23.

Treasures of Pointe Coupee Art Exhibit

The 6th annual Treasures of Pointe Coupee Art Exhibit is seeking entries. For information including guidelines and deadlines, see this flyer.

A Very "Lucky" Class at FRA

Engineering ArtThe FRA high school engineering class assisted the elementary art enrichment class in the construction of a lucky leprechaun trap. Bringing these two classes together provided an opportunity for the high school students to research and construct simple machines and then teach the younger students how to build a trap out of Popsicle sticks. The first and second grade art students learned about the myth of the Leprechaun and his love of rainbows and Lucky Charms. The children discovered that if they set a trap with Lucky Charms and captured a Leprechaun that he might leave a gold coin or chocolate as payment to get out of the trap. The engineering class, taught by Ms....

Beta Club Week Celebrated

Natl Beta WkDuring the week of March 2, 2015, the Sr. Beta Club celebrated National Beta Club week. In honor of the week, the club held a daily trivia contest. Students were asked one question each day; winners were Blake Fulmer, winning twice, Mikey Rayburn, Gabe Rice and Mandy Stoute. To end the celebration, members from both clubs were allowed to wear their Beta Club t-shirts. The members of these clubs are required to maintain a certain GPA and meet service hour requirements. These students work extremely hard to accomplish this, and the FRA family is very proud of all of them. Congrats to the trivia winners!

Louisiana Lion's Club Seeks Camp Counselors

The Louisiana Lion's Camp is accepting applications for summer camp counselors (age 16 and up). Camp runs June 9 - July 25. Applications are due by May 15th. See this flyer for more information.

Sixth Graders Attend LSU Regional Science Fair

LSU Science Fair 2015 (800x 586)Congratulations to sixth-graders Emma Patin, Brody Bonaventure, and Taylor Bonaventure for representing False River Academy at the Regional Science Fair at LSU. A special congratulation to Taylor Bonaventure, who placed third with her project in the biology/nutrition category!

From left to right: Taylor Bonaventure, Brody Bonaventure, and Emma Patin; Behind: Sponsor/Teacher Mrs. Jill Saia

2015 Students of the Year

SOY2015The Student of the Year program is designed to recognize an outstanding 5th, 8th, and 12th grade student. This program is an excellent opportunity to recognize from each school system those students who have demonstrated excellent academic achievement, leadership ability, and citizenship. The Student of the Year Awards program is sponsored by the Louisiana State Superintendent through the State Department of Education and the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education. False River Academy's Students of the Year were 5th grader Ali Langlois (left)  and 8th grader Elexia Sellars (right). 




2015 Booster Club Lottery

Weekly winners of the 2015 FRA Booster Club lottery will be posted below, so be sure to check back each week!

Dates will be listed for current month's winners. NW - no winner

April:  4/1 NW,  4/8  NW,  4/15 NW,   4/22 Hannah Bergeron,    4/29

March: 3/4 NW,  3/11 NW,  3/18-Darren Soulier,  3/25 NA

February: 2/4 NW,  2/11 NW,  2/18 NW,  2/25-Greg Knight

January: Wade Moore, Lauri Bizette 

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