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Carpool Procedures - UPDATED

Morning and Afternoon Carpool Procedures/Reminders:

Cones in the lanes indicate the end of each lane.

Morning carpool: Cars must wait until the first buses have been unloaded before entering the drop-off area. The earliest drop-off for all students is 7:15 am - there will be no one on duty prior to 7:15 am! Lanes 1 and 2 need to politely MERGE as they continue to the drop-off area by alternating one car from each lane at a time and proceeding forward. This is to help move the traffic more efficiently. We appreciate your cooperation!

Afternoon carpool: The first 2 spots ahead of Lane 1 are for auction winners - they have the right to cut in the line to those spots. Out of courtesy, those arriving late should be polite and move into the last lane of cars to wait their turn.

See diagrams and detailed instructions for morning carpool, PK3/4 afternoon carpool in the gym parking lot, and K-12 afternoon carpool in the front parking lot below.

New Carpool Procedures 2023-24
Download PDF • 362KB

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