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FRA Receives SmartLab

The American Rescue Plan Emergency Assistance for Non-Public Schools Program awarded False River Academy the Creative Learning Systems SmartLab HQ. The CLS SmartLab HQ is a fully-integrated STEM / STEAM learning environment where everything from the furniture to the curriculum and assessment, works together to support hands-on, minds-on learning. Included with the SmartLab HQ is the supplemental software LearningHub. LearningHub is dynamic digital environment to support student-led, project-based learning. It is an easy-to-use, integrated platform with STEM-focused and standards-aligned project starters that support the skills students need to problem solve, think critically, and build deep learning in a personalized way. It is multidisciplinary STEM instruction (combining science, technology, engineering/design, and math) following the basic model used by the CLS SmartLab. It has the potential to improve student learning and academic achievement for a broad spectrum of learners. Students in grades K – 8 may benefit from this STEM lab environment. During the month of March, the lab facilitator, Karlie Akin is receiving extensive training to obtain the skills necessary to open the lab in April and May. This training and trial run of the SmartLab HQ will prepare for its full operation in the Fall, 2023. False River Academy students are anxiously awaiting the April 3, 2023 lab opening.

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