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Principal of the Day

Miss Khloe Langlois was Principal of the Day. Her first duty was to lead the school in the Pledge of Allegiance and do morning announcements on the intercom. As Principal, Khloe instructed the teachers to allow her classmates extra PE and recess time and no homework for the day. Khloe, her Assistant Principal, Mrs. Linda D’Amico, and her teacher, Mrs. Ashlyn Friddle, headed to lunch. In the afternoon, Khloe gave her final instructions of the day which was to allow her class time for board games. Khloe’s classmates thoroughly enjoyed having her as Principal. Great Job Khloe!

If you would like for your child to have the opportunity to be Principal of the Day, you can place a bid on this item at the PTA Gator Gala and Auction in the spring!

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